The Work of A.J. Rau


A.J. Rau (Alisan Jesse Rau Atvur) is a an American writer and essayist who lives in Copenhagen. He is a professional user experience researcher

Previously, he was the assistant editor of The Chattahoochee Review and a poetry reader at The Georgia Review

His research and university education include work at the University of Oxford, the University of Georgia, and New York University.  His previous academic advisors include Dr. Katarzyna Jerzak and Dr. T.R. Hummer


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Sketch by  Darwin Muljuno

Sketch by Darwin Muljuno



a creative thinker and problem solver . . . Highly recommended.
— Marc Fitten, Award-winning novelist
I can honestly say that I have rarely had the privilege of working with a better student and a better man than Mr. Atvur. . . . He is honest beyond doubt; he has a strong work ethic; he is loyal; he is modest in the highest sense of the word, and above all he is brilliant.
— Award-winning poet and essayist T.R. Hummer
incredibly personable and energetic
— Desi Taylor, former colleague at The Chattahoochee Review
a talented and inspiring editor and supervisor. His dedication to his work makes him stand out among others
— Lisa Francavilla, former colleague at The Chattahoochee Review