Designers From Finders Keepers

This weekend, hundreds of design enthusiasts showed up for Copenhagen's Finder Keepers Market.  

FINDERSKEEPERS is an indoor design and fashion market situated in Copenhagen and Aarhus. A market where innovative design sits alongside luxury second hand clothing to provide a unique and inspiring experience. With more than 200 stalls in Copenhagen and 110 stalls in Aarhus, you will be able to find exclusive, inspired pieces from a variety of upcoming designers, artists and entrepreneurs showcasing artwork, ceramics, clothing, accessories and much, much more.
— Finders Keepers – Background Page

Here are six eye-catching designers I found during my visit.

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Objekter Design

Ninna Kjærgård Nielsen displayed a variety of her exceptional wood work. My personal favorite was the stål (or "steel") bowl, pricing at 350 Danish Kroner.


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Inspired by the Japanese tradition of origami, Droobski's lamps are "folder in Copenhagen" and fitting of practically any room. The shades are easily kept dust free through a light vacuuming, and the warm colors can invigorate a room on a cold Scandinavian morning.

Folk and Frame

Multiple frame makers appeared at the Finders Keepers market, Folk and Frame had the smallest selection and simultaneously the most attractive frames. At 875 DKK, each frame functions elegantly as a pair of sunglasses or as your preferred viewing spectacles (and their classic form factor is certainly worth of the phrase "spectacles").

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Uru Design Solo Socks

Perhaps the most innovative among the vendors was Uru, the solo-sock designer. The concept is brilliant: losing one sock typically results in the unsustainable loss of a pair of socks. As a result, Uru designs it's solo socks (made with entirely organic materials) to work with any other sock. Functioning


Mette Duedahl infuses a the rich Scandinavian tradition of minimalism into each of her ceramic pieces. These caught my eye for their bold patterns against the bright pastels. 

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Mahmud Sahan

Mahmud is a 22-year old design student with an eye for shocking but balanced graphic layouts. At only 200 DKK, Headuct #10 is a worthwhile purchase.