Book Review: "Discussing Design"

Adam Connor and Aaron Irizarry released their book Discussing Design: Improving Communication & Collaboration through Critique with O'Reilly this June.

Their well-rounded book is approachable for practically any audience ( from experienced professional designers to team members with no formal experience in the field). If you are interested in enhancing your communication skills, pick up their work and check out my favorite parts of the book.


  1. There are Myths about Critique
    Connor and Irizarry unpack the 3 myths many people have about design critiques. (p. 15)
  2. The 4 Characteristics of Poor Critique
    The authors summarize the most devastating characteristics of poor design critiques. (p.22)
  3.  Best Practices for Giving Critique
    The authors explain 6 easy-to-understand criteria for giving a critique. (p. 25)
  4. The Chapter "Culture and Critique"
    Read every single page. It's worth it (p. 47).
  5. 3 Things to Keep in Mind for integrating Critique into your Process (p. 77)
  6. The 4 Ways to Make a Better Brainstorm (p. 94)
  7. Conducting Design Reviews
    It's not just a critique: it is something else. (p. 104)
  8. The Value of Facilitators (p. 134)
  9. Laddering
    Like in design research, it is an exceptional tool for understanding "why." (p. 148)
  10. Reacting to Unsolicited Feedback (p. 155) and Dealing with Reactive Feedback (p. 158)