The Challenges of Sharing Design Insights within Organizations


Katrine Rau (Senior User Experience Researcher, GE Energy) and I recently conducted a workshop at UX Cambridge 2015 entitled Making stakeholders into sense-makers: a counselling approach to ethnography and service design

Participants discuss their challenges and tools in sharing UX insights

Purpose of the workshop: thinking like a therapist

The purpose of the 180 minute workshop was "Learn how to use tools from 11 schools of psychotherapy and counselling to make your ethnography and service design practice more effective and approachable for your organisation's stakeholders"

Positive Reactions

Katrine and I are honored to learn that the workshop was so well recieved.

Summary of Responses


What are the challenges 28 companies are facing in sharing user research insights?


We asked teams to produce a list of the challenges they faced in acquiring and sharing user insights with their teams. 

How have these 28 companies succeeded in sharing user insights within their organization?

These same participants also shared their approaches to creating a culture of user empathy.