Public Speaking

Since 2011, I have shared presentations and workshops at conferences and universities. I'm honored to have given lectures at MIT's Sloan Business School, the Georgia Institute of Technology and other international universities. I have presented at conferences and design events in Denmark, England, France, Japan, Poland, Sweden, Taiwan and the United States. You can see some of my previous presentations here, or you can see a list of all my previous speaking engagements here.



It is always a pleasure attending one of Alisan’s presentations. It is well organised and prepared all the way through from graphics to wrapping up the findings and the conclusions. He manages to keep objective and still contribute with personal opinions without mixing the two. Alisan is very professional in his work and the deliverables are always first class!
— Christian Peter Enggaard, Principal Scientist at Novo Nordisk
Alisan Atvur is one of those inspiring speakers whose passion for his subject is so palpable that you can bottle it. His presentations are always delivered in a clear, organized, and engaging manner, and you can be sure that he will give you something to ponder about even after the presentation is over.
— Sabrina Sandalo, (Former) Marketing Associate at Frog
Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design had the honour of hosting Alisan Atvur for two very different talks in less than a week! The first, ‘How Socrates would Design Experiences’ was part of our OPEN lecture series and Alisan enlightened the Interaction Design Programme students and our local network with bright and relevant insights from both a theoretical and practical point of view. His second talk ‘How Creatives Can Make Companies More Human-Centered was organised by the Service Design Network Denmark, where Alisan introduced 7 key goals for designers to consider implementing in their own companies. Alisan is a clear, confident and engaging speaker and I have no hesitation in recommending him in this context.
— Alie Rose, Education Director of CIID

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