Samples of Previous Research and Design Work

 i60 Innovation Toolkit

"By embracing the idea that all people are naturally creative and tend toward collaboration, we conceived, designed, and developed a companion tool that acts as shepherd for both designers and non-designers alike to easily connect and produce meaningful concepts that add significant value to the organization and the consequent world. "

Client: Kaiser-Permanente
Employer: Propelland


Tempur Pedic Sleep Experience Center

" InReality designed and developed the Sleep Experience Center (SEC)," a private setting that literally protects people from pushy sales associates.  The controversial approach to environment design is unrivaled and one of the earliest examples of smart environments."

Client: Tempur-Pedic
Design Group: InReality


New Customer Service Experience

"BBVA provides financial services to nearly 50 million customers across more than 30 countries. Since their founding in 1999, BBVA has remained laser focused on refining customer engagement and creating new experiences across the banking sector." (text and images from

Client: BBVA
Design Group: Propelland


User Research and Product Strategy

Based on hundreds of interviews with contractors, builders, sales associates, managers and home owners, this revolutionary strategy used clarity and honesty to succeed over their competitors.

Client: LP Building Products
Design Group: InReality, 2009