Approaches and topics
in innovation education 



  1. The Socratic Questioning
    I utilize Socratic Questioning in order to help students understand how to question their logic and examine the logic of their peers.
  2. Psychotherapy and Design
    I use principles of psychotherapy to explain design research. My classes often include topics in Adlerian psychology, existentialism, rational emotive behaviorism, and systems thinking.
  3. Facilitation
    I believe in a "Facilitator Approach" in learning environments wherein I focus on how students learn most effectively and tailors his pedagogical approach accordingly.
  4. Human-centered focus
    I heavily integrate service design perspectives, user-centered design perspectives, and design strategy methods.
  5. Process Development
    I encourage students to develop their own design tools in order to help them develop their own design process.
  6. Multi-media
    I rely on various types of media (including podcasts, videos, etc) to make the classes feel more authentic.


  • Design Strategy
  • Facilitation
  • User Experience Research
  • Creative Team Management