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Product Camp 2017 to host "A Designer's Introduction to Applied Psychology" Workshop

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140 years of scientific research in psychology has generated a catalog theories about how and why people behave the way we do. Education systems, organizational strategies, and politics have all been influenced by advancements in psychological sciences. With an understanding of some of these theories, professionals can use evidence-driven principles to influence their design decisions.

What will you learn?

  • An introduction to fundamental theories in psychology, including the works of 13 different psychologists
  • A design research framework for creating a common language among design team
  • An experience mapping framework for mapping and analyzing experiences in precise terms
  • A tool for creating and pitching a service to stakeholders
  • A design communication framework for communicating evidence-based rationales for design decisions

Who Should Attend?

  • Design leads and facilitators interested in learning 4 methods in executing design workshops
  • Junior and mid-level design professionals interested in integrating schools of psychology into their creative process
  • University students studying design planning methods

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