I support growth by serving creative professionals

I support growth by serving creative professionals.




Public Speaking


Since 2011, I have shared presentations and workshops at conferences and universities. I'm honored to have given lectures at MIT's Sloan Business School, the Georgia Institute of Technology and other international universities. I have presented at conferences and design events in Denmark, England, France, Japan, Poland, Sweden, Taiwan and the United States. You can see some of my previous presentations here, or you can see a list of all my previous speaking engagements here.



I have lead workshops for business leaders, designers, conference attendees and university students since 2008. Workshop topics include design thinking, user experience design, design management and many more.



UX and Service Project Planning

I organize and visualize complex innovation plans so they are easier to follow. I help organization structure plans to accomplish radical design. I use my expertise in service planning, stakeholder management and workshop facilitation to help managers create implementable plans.


Employee Experience Design

I help teams make plans to accomplish design and innovation goals. "Employee Experience Design" is the process of planning and launching new services, products and protocols for enabling employees to personally and professionally succeed.




Alisan Atvur is one of those inspiring speakers whose passion for his subject is so palpable that you can bottle it. His presentations are always delivered in a clear, organized, and engaging manner, and you can be sure that he will give you something to ponder about even after the presentation is over.

Sabrina Sandalo
Senior Marketing Associate

Alisan is a truly talented designer, leader, and teacher. I had the pleasure of working with Alisan on a multiphase project, where he skillfully lead our team of interaction designers, visual designers, and technologists through user research and into design.

Justin Lee
Interaction Designer

Alisan's always-helpful personality and open-door attitude gave stakeholders an easy-to-access command center for all things relating to user interaction. The same attributes helped him to diplomatically resolve both client-company disputes as well as teammate conflicts. His experience and passion for human psychology would often help add insight to design, for an accessible and more human friendly end result.

John Chiappone
Senior Interaction Designer


Alisan is a fascinating intellectual, a remarkable teacher, and an exceptional strategist. Most notably, in my opinion, he is an inspiring leader. 

Betsy Gardner
Former Director of Innovation
Simmons Bedding Company

From the beginning he has been, really kind, helpful and inspirational. He has helped me to strengthen my confidence and to move on with my career. I fully endorse Alisan and happily confirm his role with me as an enthusiastic and consistently encouraging mentor.

Luisella Borra
Graduate Design Student

It has always been a true pleasure to work with Alisan! 
He is super professional, always very well prepared and makes wonderful graphical illustrations to clarify his message. Preparing for interviews he thinks of every detail - and there are many! He is also a very emphatic person who is excellent at conducting interviews to create valuable insights for the design team. I give him my best recommendations!

Helene Juhldal Knopper
Human Factors Engineer
Roche, Basel