Code of Conduct

Note: The following content was last updated by Alisan Atvur on 22-January-2019. - AJRA

  1. I do not participate in communications which are deceitful, passive aggressive, or manipulative. If I find that I have accidentally communicated inappropriately, I immediately search for ways to resolve this mistake.

  2. I acknowledge the difference between objective data points and subjective interpretations. If I inadvertently communicate my subjective opinion as objective data, I work to resolve the impact of these mistakes.

  3. I will only share a critique of a person or his/her decision when (a.) the critique has already been communicated to the original person in reference and (b.) sharing the critique with a qualified other person can improve the chances of achieving commonly-accepted goals. However, under no circumstance will I violate the terms of confidentiality which are agreed upon between myself and my colleagues, clients, direct reports, and students (current and former).

  4. I may disagree with colleagues and clients, and such disagreements do not typically interfere with my ability to work with others. As long as my disagreements do not interfere with my personal ethics, I do everything I can to support my customers, colleagues, and direct reports.

  5. I strive to treat people the way I would want to be treated.