Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't Alisan Atvur on social media?

With the exception of LinkedIn, I do not participate in many social media channels. I'm excited about these promising technologies, but I do not currently feel services such as Facebook and Twitter meet my personal expectations regarding ethics and privacy policies. - AJRA

Why didn't Alisan Atvur accept my invitation to connect on LinkedIn?

If you recently requested to connect with me on LinkedIn, I would like for you to know more about how I use this social media service. As a personal policy, I only agree to connect with people once we have enjoyed at least one conversation with each other, either in person or through digital channels. If we have not met each other in person, I typically insist that we communicate via an encrypted video or encrypted audio chat before I will consider accepting the connection request. I use Signal in my personal and professional life, and you are welcome to propose 2-3 times we might chat through that channel.I believe that a brief discussion helps each of us learn about the other before we decide to be "connected." If we have met in person and I (sadly) have forgotten our specific exchange, I hope you will pardon me for my poor memory. If you can provide a few sentences describing our interactions via a new connection request via LinkedIn, I will try my best to recall our meeting. Because I attend many conferences each year, my poor memory may fail me. I sincerely hope you will not take my forgetfulness as a personal insult. - AJRA

Why Did Alisan Atvur Move to Denmark?

Since childhood, I have admired Scandinavia for many reasons. I’m grateful to be married to a Danish-American woman who was interested in relocating to her home country. - AJRA