"Breath new life into our standard workshop structure"


" He never stopped thinking about the problem at hand. . . constantly coming up with new ideas or ways to think about consumers or solutions. . . I was impressed by his ability to breath new life into our standard workshop structure . . . unique and extremely useful. I love that he's able to take something that's boiler plate, think about it critically, redesign it, and produce it for delivery in 24 hours " Annie Hsu, Former Strategy Director (San Francisco) at Frog 


"Uncanny ability. . . exceptional clarity"

" [He has] an uncanny ability to take a cross-functional set of individuals (many times with competing priorities and interests) and turn them into a single team aligned on a shared goal . . . The ability to plan and execute top-notch user research, then synthesize it into actionable insights with exceptional clarity. . . he has an ability to plan and lead workshops and learning sessions that lead to meaningful outcomes ." James Maccubbin, Senior Director of User Experience at GE Healthcare


"an inspiring leader"

" a fascinating intellectual, a remarkable teacher, and an exceptional strategist. Most notably, in my opinion, he is an inspiring leader. " Betsy Gardner, Former Director of Innovation at Simmons


"attention to explicit detail"

"[His] ability to provide overall direction teamed with his attention to explicit detail make him an integral part of any team." Arianna Jackson, Creative Manager, Credit Services at The Home Depot


"Thoughtful, effective, and efficient"

"thoughtful, effective, and efficient! He would be a prize for any business leader to had and shape a team around." Michael Moore, Senior Director, Ralph Lauren


"clear, confident and engaging"

". . . [he] enlightened the Interaction Design Programme students and our local network with bright and relevant insights from both a theoretical and practical point of view. . . .a clear, confident and engaging speaker." Alie Rose, Co-founder and Head of Education at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design


"the best teacher I have had"

". . . probably the best teacher I have had. . . .  He basically is like a superman in the user experience world. I would be honored to ever be able to work with him oneday; he is definitely a great role model." Hayley Efrid, Art Director, BBDO


"a true collaborator"

"a strong work ethic and an infectious passion for driving research that reveals valuable insights for any creative solution. He's also a true collaborator and one of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure to work with." Amir Bahadori, Westfield


"pushes others to be at their creative best"

". . . a catalyst for innovation. He brings a deep and insightful viewpoint to the table, challenges conventions, and pushes others to be at their creative best." Randy Chiang, Design Manager at Speck Products


"You've already inspired them"

"We all enjoyed your talk, and I thought you'd be happy to know that Rasmus is making a poster documenting the research / design process so that his team can make sure they allow time for all of the different stages. So you have already inspired them!" - Jenny Shirley, UX Director at Trust Pilot