Legal Notice for all recipients of emails

Last Updated on 1-November-2018

If you have reached this page, it is because you have received an email from an account which may be connected to Alisan Atvur. Maintaining digital safety, confidentiality, and privacy is a high priority for Alisan Atvur and company. Thus, please review the following terms when sending or recieving emails from Alisan Atvur and addresses associated with his name.

  • Please encrypt your emails when possible.

  • Forwarding, printing, or sharing emails without the documented approval of the sender is strictly prohibited.

  • E-mails (including any attachments) are intended for the addressee(s) originally addressed in the sender list.

  • Emails may contain confidential information protected by law.

  • You are hereby notified that any unauthorized reading, disclosure, copying or distribution of this e-mail or use of information contained herein is strictly prohibited and may violate rights to proprietary information.

  • If you are not an intended recipient, please return the e-mail to the sender and delete it
    immediately hereafter.

Thank you, and please pardon the formality of this notice: it is a measure intended to protect all of us.